Lopez, Mary

        Welcome to Ms. Lopez'
     6th Grade Science Class
Room 603
Liberty Memorial Middle School
31579 FM 2893
San Benito, TX 78566
1st period: 8:37-9:32
2nd period: 9:36-10:31
Lunch: 10:35-11:05
3rd period: 11:09-12:04
4th period: 12:08-1:03
Conference: 1:07-2:02
6th period: 2:06-3:01
7th 3:05-4:00




Welcome to 6th Grade Science!  This course is designed to give you, the student, the opportunity to develop scientific literacy and inquiry skills.  What does this mean, that you will benefit as an adolescent by acquiring knowledge, and developing skills so in turn you can become a more effective and efficient individual on planet Earth. 


Also, please take the time to review my webpage for upcoming videos, links and other resources.  Be ready to read, to do mathematics, to research, to explore, to create, and to question.  However, we must agree on certain classroom expectations.


Classroom Expectations:


  1. Be Respectful-Respect the teacher, classmates and school property
  2. Be on Time- (Sitting in desk with the necessary materials and recording the weather data, except 1st period) when the bell rings
  3. Be Prepared-Come to class ready to participate with your materials every day
  4. Be Responsible- Clean up after yourself and your work area
  5. No Grooming- Keep make-up, hairspray, nail polish, etc… in your school bag or purse
  6. No Headgear or sunglasses-This includes hats, caps, bandanas, hairnets. They are not to be worn in class or in the building
  7. No CD players, cell phones, i-pods, mp3 players allowed.  If they are made visible, the district rule is for them to be confiscated. 
  8. Be Attentive.  Listen carefully and follow directions.  Safety will be required.  These are skills that will only help to preserve your well-being: http://www.flinnsci.com/Documents/miscPDFs/safety_contract_MS.pdf)

9.  Keep a log of any assignments, grades, and detentions



All students receiving a 75 or below will receive a progress report

90-100 = A                       

           80 -89 = B                                    

                                           70 – 79 = C                                                                  

           0- 69 = F L                                  



Mondays – Prefixes, suffixes and/ or definitions (complete handouts and study for future test or quizzes)

Tuesday – Essay and/or research

Wednesday – Complete and write TAKS practice questions (show strategies and calculations)

Thursday – Other assignments given, plus study information learned

Friday – Final data analysis, lab books ready for grading purposes, test and/or quiz

            *These homework assignments will be given on an as needed basis.


The attendance policy is stated in the Student Handbook.  It is imperative that you are in class every day.  If you are absent, and excused, you will have one make up day per absence to make up your work.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to copy the notes, make-up work, quizzes or tests.  You must make arrangements; I will not remind you of this.  You will need to come in either at 8 am, before class starts or during lunch to make up the assignments. 


Retesting Policy:

You must have the opportunity to retest if you do not master the concepts.  The highest grade earned on a retest shall be a 70.  Before retesting the student must:

1.      Attend class

2.      Participate actively

3.      Complete homework

4.      Attend tutorials (as needed)

5.      Complete assignments

 Materials Needed:


  1. 1 or 1 ½ Inch Binder
  2. 1 Composition Book
  3. Pencil and/ or Blue or Black pen is acceptable
  4. Colored Pencils or crayons (crayons, preferred)
  5. Construction paper
  6. 1-gallon or 1-quart baggies
  7. 5 tab dividers
  8. Glue or glue stick
  9. Scissors
  10. Ruler (flexible)



1st Six-Weeks – THE NATURE OF SCIENCE and Measurement

*Project:  An experiment which follows the scientific method, including  

  the usage of various skills of measurement

2nd Six-Weeks – INTERACTIONS OF MATTER AND ENERGY:  Properties and

  Changes of Matter, Forces and Motion, Energy

*Project:  An experiment or activity which illustrates one of Newton’s  

 laws of Motion or the advantage of a Simple Machine and Energy

3rd Six-Weeks – EARTH’S SYSTEMS:  Rocks and Minerals, Forces Shaping the Earth,

                           Weathering and Erosion

*Project:  Illustrating or modeling an issue on how humans are affecting

   our environment

4th Six-Weeks – EARTH’S SYSTEMS:  Groundwater Resources,

  The Atmosphere in Motion

  SOLAR SYSTEM: Space Technology

*Project:  A water issue facing our community or a model of some type of space technology that will benefit our space exploration

5th Six-Weeks – SOLAR SYSTEM:  Solar System and Beyond, 

    LIVING SYSTEMS:  Life’s Structure and Function,

    The Role of Genes in Inheritance

    *Project:  Illustrating and modeling the characteristics of a planet and

     its effect on a human being

6th Six-Weeks – LIVING SYSTEMS:  Interactions of Living Things,

                           Animal Behavior

                            *Project:  A model of various types of life cycle


*Projects are due no later than the 5th week of each six-weeks


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