Penaflor, Erika
Mrs. Penaflor
Mrs. Penaflor

Welcome to 7th Grade Math! I am very excited to be your teacher! This year, you will find that alot of our lessons will be about math concepts that you are already familiar with, however, we will go a bit more in depth. There will also be a few new concepts introduced to you for the first time. It is my hope that you find our lessons to be fun and interesting and that you enjoy my class. Remember that ALL of you CAN be successful! Let us always remember to "Do the right thing" and let's make it happen LMMS Patriots!!!

Welcome! It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to teach your child this year! As a parent, I know that you want the very best for your child. Please rest assured that I will do everything that I can to help your child be successful in math class.