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Mr. Carmona

Conference Period (5th period: 1:07-2:00 pm)



Syllabus 2016-2017

7th grade Science

Mr. E. Carmona

Rm. 504


Welcome to 7th grade Science!  This class will introduce you to various topics that will help you understand our world and how it works.  This course is designed to give you the student the opportunity to develop scientific literacy and inquiry skills at a world class standard.  Come prepared, read, study and enjoy this learning experience.


Class Rules:

1. Be Respectful-Respect the teacher, classmates and school property.

2. Be on Time- Be in class when the bell rings

3. Be Attentive - Listen carefully and follow directions

4. Be Prepared - Come to class ready to participate with your materials daily.

5. Be Courteous- Be kind with words and actions.  Using profanity is NOT acceptable behavior.

6. Be Responsible- Clean up after yourself and your work area

7. No Grooming -Keep make-up and hair accessories in your backpack.

8. No Headgear - this includes hats, caps, bandanas and hairnets, sunglasses. They are not to be worn in class or school building.

9. Electronics will be allowed upon teacher discretion.

10. Stay in your seat until given permission to stand.



All students receiving a 70 or below will receive a progress report.

60% Tests

40% Daily work/Quizzes/Homework/Class Participation



Homework will be due on the day it is assigned.  No late homework will be allowed.  The reason for this is that we go over the homework the following day and there is no time to make it up.  Please make sure that you are turning in your homework when it is due in order to avoid your grade to fall.  I am here before school to answer any questions regarding the homework. In case you do not get your homework in, you will have the opportunity to come in before school to do a different assignment that will replace the homework assignment.  The highest grade you can earn is a 70. There will normally be homework on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Retesting Policy:

You may have the opportunity to retest if you do not master the concepts.  The highest grade earned on a retest shall be a 70.  Before retesting the student must:

1.  Be respectful

2.  Participate actively

3.  Complete homework

4.  Attend tutorials

5.  Complete Assignments


Materials Needed:


1.  3 Ring Binder or Poly Folder with prongs

2.  2 pkgs of Loose leaf paper

3.  Writing Instruments- Mechanical Pencils &   Black or blue Pens (Red will not be accepted)

4. *** Colored Pencils ***

5.  ***Composition Book (Notes)***

6.  1 pkg of Construction paper

7.  2 Glue sticks

8.  2 Spiral notebooks

9.  Box of Tissues


*** Will be used the 1st week of class, so it is important form them to have these.  Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is something that I can help you with.***


Topics to be introduced in Class:

Unit 1: Matter and Energy

Unit 2:  Forces, Motion, and Energy

Unit 3: Earth and Space

Unit 4: Organisms and Environment







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