Karavasilis, Billy

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Karavasilis (Mr. K)

Teacher: Mr. B. Karavasilis                   Conference Time: 4th (12:08-1:03PM)
 Room: #603                                             School Phone: 956-233-3900
Welcome to my Resource  Math Class at Liberty Memorial Middle School!  This is a course that builds on your previous experience in mathematics.  Attendance is necessary to build an even stronger foundation for your future math courses.  Every student can be successful; but effort will be required.  We will be studying a range of topics this year including:
6th Grade

  • Numerical Representation

o Classifying, finding absolute values, opposites, and ordering all types of numbers.
o Ratios and Rates
o Fractions, decimals, and percents
o Order of Operations

  • Computation and Algebraic Relationships

o Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers.
o Scale factors, tables and graphs
o One-step equations

  • Geometry and Measurement

o Converting units of measure
o Modeling, writing equations, and finding solutions to problems dealing with perimeter and area
o Volume

  • Data Analysis and Personal Finance

o Mean, Median, Mode and Range
o Personal Finance, Paying for college, and Annual Salaries of Occupations
7th Grade
·         Rational Numbers
o Rational Numbers and Decimals
o Relationships between sets of Rational Numbers
o Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Rational Numbers
·         Rates and Proportionality
o Unit Rates
o Constant Rates of Change
o Proportional Relationships and Graphs
·         Proportions and Percent
o Converting between Measurement Systems
o Percent Increase and Decrease
o Applications of Percent
·         Experimental Probability
o Experimental probability of Simple and Compound Events
o Making predictions with Experimental Probability
·         Theoretical Probability and Simulations
o Theoretical Probability of Simple and Compound Events
o Making Predictions using Theoretical Probability
·         Equations and Inequalities
o Writing and Solving Two-Step Equations
o Writing and Solving Two-step Inequalities
8th Grade
·         Scientific Notation
o Scientific Notation with the positive powers of 10
o Scientific Notation with the negative Powers of 10
·         Writing Linear Equations
o Writing Linear equations from Situations and Graphs
o Writing Linear equations from a Table
·         Functions
o Identifying and Representing Functions
o Describing and Comparing Functions
·         The Pythagorean Theorem
o The Pythagorean Theorem
o The Converse of the Pythagorean Theorem
o Distance Between Two points
·         Surface Area
o Surface Area of Prisms
o Surface Area of Cylinders
The primary goal for our students is to make sense of mathematical concepts, become proficient with basic skills, communicate their reasoning and understanding clearly, and ultimately pass the STAAR exam.

Instructional Resources

  • Go Math! Textbook Course 1 (Math)                                                     
  • Additional supplements as necessary    

Any student needing extra help is welcome to come in before or after school.
Before school
By appointment only
After school
Tuesday and Wednesday
4:15-6:00 PM
Letters will be sent home with information regarding mandatory after school tutorial sessions.
Campus Rules

  1. Students will respect themselves, others, and property.
  2. Students must follow directions given by staff at all times.
  3. Students will be on time and prepared for class (have all supplies needed).
  4. School bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher dismisses the class.
  5. Students are not allowed to talk in class unless given permission by the teacher.
  6. Students will not use electronic devices (BYOD) during class unless given permission by the teacher.
  7. Students will abide to any other rule as stated in the student handbook and code of conduct.

Discipline Consequences

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Teacher/ student conference
  3. Lunch detention
  4. Parent Contact/Communication Log
  5. Office referral (Please note 1-4 may be skipped depending on the severity of the situation)

Grading Policy
All students are expected to turn in work on their assigned due date.

  • Daily work/ homework/ quizzes- 40% of final grade
  • Tests/Projects- 60% of final grade


Late Work Policy
If a student turns in a late assignment, there may be a penalty resulting in a deduction of 10 points per day, depending on the student’s situation (at teacher’s discretion).  Students will be responsible for completing missed assignments when they are absent.
 Progress reports will be given every 3 weeks. These need to be signed and returned. 
Re-Do Policy
Students will have the opportunity to ask for a re-do on any daily work assignment if they score less than a 70.
Students will also be given the opportunity to re-test if they score less than a 70.

  • Maximum grade for Redo will be a 85.
  • Maximum grade for a Re-test will be a 80.